Tuesday, October 20, 2009

How To Make A Friendship Bracelet That Says Heat


In the last issue of the journal Viva advertiser used the slogan 'whole world' published an interview with Mr. Peter Najsztuba Mrs. Beata Tyszkiewicz. I read it in its proper distance to the world until the moment when your femininity, like the titles due to its interlocutor Najsztub, spoke as follows:
'(...) Now I am finishing a cookbook, I decided to write such a betraying the true secrets of cooking, and oppose this terrible recipes where spices cost 150 gold, we buy them and take the seven grains of red pepper, and 10 green, 6 capers, and then capers and the rest of us skiśnie for two weeks in the fridge ... (...) Of course, there are things that require time, but I assume that everything ranging from jam, fried and baked the same thing. "

course, that the same thing. Sure, the same thing. One of my grandmother is a vigorous and industrious people. It is certainly not matron weighs in the kitchen. Not just 'any-all sorts of' milk is produced every year in the dirt, it is always full grazing breakfast, second, soup, second, afternoon tea, dinner. Grandma even in ordinary gazebo makes cakes, waffles, and what I want. How, when? And then it was just a fried and baked the same. In my opinion, this is what the art of culinary terms. Reach this point, if you regularly prepare brilliant things we feel that ot itself is doing that skipped, I was there ago only helping.

Another thing which is grist to my mill was a matter of culinary snobbery. But the pact, I'm popular I do art! I am a taster of pizza, a fan of potatoes, bouillon cubes do with. Sentences start with and, so, but because ... Also, do not play me like that, like tournedos of salmon with caviar and mushroom cinsomme few pages later. We know that no one cooks. It's just that the lady pooglądają exquisite pictures and sigh 'oh, this whole world ...'.

PS Going back to the interview - it is very enjoyable. In print you Tyszkiewicz falls great. Rejecting a specific tone of her speech (hey, school pupils, this lady really is an aristocrat) and erroneous vision is what makes a real lady Tyszkiewicz: intelligence, tact, distance, privacy, sense of humor, a wholly independent. This woman has nothing to talk about - brilliantly nietuzinkowo, fresh - not talking about his sufferings, rozkminkach, turns in life, grandchildren, lovers, bed, dog, bath, or horror of horrors art.
more, this woman can talk about everything, but also about anything specific - but it sheds on his knees. Except that this lady just doing it by choice, it is the so-called conversational skills, which talk about the weather makes it a rarity. I'm afraid that most of her colleagues in the industry fucks three after three, because otherwise there can. But let's drop this negatively marked digression and return to the merits: the book is to be written with the daughters, under the title 'We love to eat'. Waiting!


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