Tuesday, May 31, 2011

30th Birthday Funnyinvitation Wording

A Series Of Unfortunate Events

So firstly sorry for a few days here due to lack of computer worries and limited time on the internet and I apologize Adela the same name but I had to post because of the following events, which threw me and just can not remain unnoticed and when it I knocked BMX-ka, I got a fine on the subway, because I had 45min. and after I somehow forgot about it (I buy my 24h. tickets), my last bus stop in Psáry and I had to take a taxi, instead of Sunday I bought a ticket home on Saturday and I found it at the start, when I went down the path of the car, I poured water in the supermarket I očuchal sure Mr.

AND WORN apologize for that, I was not able to write your answer here , but all this because I am a scatterbrain all of the above.

And here is video of Hello Kitty and once you've certainly seen, but I did it before 12 days so I give it here.

lipstick BOLLYWOOD 10/10 - matte, vibrant and lasts long / here Agnes
paint ORANGE GINA 9 / 10 - bright, vibrant, quick, neolupujúci / I prefer matte
lip gloss KAWAI KISS 9 / 10 - super color! and smells mňamka
4 eyeshadows eyeshadow pallet POP MARKET 7 / 10 - vivid, but do not last too long

everything can be bought in OC in Smíchov Marionnaud + this Boo to me all photographed together

Monday, May 23, 2011

Ca 10000 Plus Cricket Bat


Today, exhibit a few things that you might like it:

Shelf bought in France at the flea market.
All metal, white. The upper part is interwoven with decorative metal ivy leaves.
entire shelf, and in particular the bottom is covered with what he described as seller (and my French is less than the basic ;-) patina. Well, in Polish means that the rust comes out ;-)
Although it adds to the charm and even more is ... "French" and shabby ...
Size: wys.45 cm, width 30
Price 30 zł
Shipping-9 zł
package SOLD!

with a heavy heart ...
Jug Almi Decor.
beautiful milky white, a wonderful pattern.
pitcher has a defect, is shown in the last photo. Rupture. Probably leaking. Jug has never been used. Dowiozłam not simply home ;-( I had a lot of concepts
-planted flowers in it, the imposition of cracks, making the lamp ... but I'm angry at each other every time I look at him, so I decided to get rid of it.
Price 25 zł
Shipping: 9 zł-pack


compartment metal with porcelain handles.
pale roses combined with pale greenery gives a lovely effect.
container may also serve as a Napkin. Is home to two packages of napkins.
Price: 15 zł 9 zł
-Mail package

it all for today.
Somewhere I still have the old weights from the weight of porcelain, part of the clock, a few chandeliers. But I have not yet dug ;-)

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