Thursday, October 21, 2010

Difference B/w Foramen Ovale And Asd

Peper'S HEINZ Ketchup

Formerly at Warsaw in 1930 was located at a vegetarian café Profile - 'Anand' - and these were the golden age of the place. I loved the contemporary atmosphere of the premises, we are happy to come by for excellent pancakes with spinach and Thousand Island sauce with sprouts, a 7 zł. Then the pub started to change money and direction, and I had the impression that there is getting worse. In the end it was uncertain what caused that, despite the regular headlamps do not I joined there by a couple years ... Until they noticed ... ah, come back to this later:)

few days ago I checked how feels Peper's (because it has long been called the restaurant). I asked about the best la carte. I received a quesadilla. In addition, I ordered a Mexican soup - because it's Mexican restaurant at the end:) Quesadilla despite its simplicity (ground chicken, stewed tomatoes, canned, onion, parsley) was very tasty and served effectively. Price could be a little lower, but worth a try and for the 19th At the same time I note that according to my companion with chicken quesadilla is much better than quesadilli verde with red meat. But when it comes a soup (6PLN) she is the star of the program here - top notch! Delicious, nutritious, rich in flavor, pretty, and certainly this is not you will eat anywhere else in Bialystok - with a clear conscience, and despite pikania microwave background - I recommend.

also a big plus to the service. Przesympatyczna, smiling, cultural and contact you is sunshine and the pleasure of the premises. Glad that someone zawiadujący pepers drew attention to it, because nothing so hungry wpienia Pole, as arrogant and incompetent waiter. So, anyone here no such encounter.

not can also notice the change in decor. Like cosmetic decoration, and what effect. First of all, it is brighter! Light, I see the light! And - finally! - As the charming and cozy is a premise. Well, show me a restaurant in Bialystok, where you can dine at the open fireplace:)

sum up - throw pepers on your culinary tour, I'll be back there for sure, and Hob Revolution Mrs. Magda Gessler, the effects of which went through the check is successful and would be held up to this level.


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