Monday, October 4, 2010

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Stop. Again delight appearance and taste of food. Pleasure of cooking. Utensils and food composition. Table and tablecloth. Light and shadow when you take pictures. Oh how I miss terribly the kitchen. Clean and orderly room with a piece of countertop, oven, microwave. In which cooks so nicely as the first time. I love cooking. This action, when he discovered it, gave me an unimaginable fun. I think and feel that when I get back to cooking is coming back to life, and the beaker of this theme is a paraphrase of my soul. Seeking, hesitant, impatient, rebellious runaway. Cooking this harmony - do not have it in yourself, not a brilliant cook dinner. I know, I know Gordon Ramsey tells a different story, but excluding professional I think it works:)

The whole time I have been following topics kitchen. For example, interested me on the cover of the October Claudia 'restaurant in their own home. " The idea is that individuals in their own home cooking dinner for strangers to be loose, original, spontaneous and passionate. The idea of \u200b\u200bthe assumptions I like, although restaurateurs house depicted in the material somehow less. The article also lacks the essential technical details and above all objective experience rating. Overall, I had the impression that it was not for me, but perhaps the fault of the form in which the author presented this topic? I am also surprised that the premium dinner, participants should bring: 50-100zł/os. Stated that the sum of the symbolic. Well, it depends for whom:) Overall, I would like to be a guest at a party, what to empirically distinguish himself in his relation to this trend - because I like to emphasize something in it. Sam did not zdecydowałabym to invite people into their own thresholds random. But no. But a great dinner for friends and friends of friends and their friends is already a great pleasure.

also recently pulled in 'Kitchen Revolution' Mrs. Magda Gessler. And even recently discovered on the first day of the action that is in 'Pepersie' was made Bialystok episode:) Anyway, again, great idea - to help knajpom with the potential to stay on the market, to show to anyone who wants to take for this business, that This bread is not easy, and above all give the flick in the nose all this hopeless restaurant owners, who grow on the Polish market free-for, ridiculing himself from the client. If you ever had a fixation for 'what I'll be when I grow up' was to 'be someone who will kick ass all arogantom in the catering industry and the shop'.... .... In this regard, I am so uncompromising as you Gessler, so her clinging to freshness, quality and origin of intermediate processes is close to my heart (bijacz, of course). At the same time has a liking to Mrs. Magda is determined by the sine wave. Once I explained to Mr. Piotr Adamczewski one of his readers culinary blog that confused with Martha Gessler Magda Gessler, although both ladies cook it with a completely different approach. In this translation I felt that sympathy leans toward Martha and not once after I wondered why. It seems to me that maybe it's unnecessary snobbery? Ok, it is flesh and blood, such a normal and heat and just has high expectations - it's no snobbery, but ... Some of her ideas make me an objection, seems to be an unnecessary beating of foam, unjustified (at least during those 45 minutes of the program) will. This means that either completely I do not know in this business (very likely), or that but that's not my style (unless it ...). I love a woman with an egg and Mrs. Magda is so, except that for years she has successfully maintained Ileś pubs - respect, but sometimes her approach seems to me to be too fafarafa, though it did not take into account the common people, our Polish niewarszawskiej street, 60% of Poles earning below the national average. They also want a) to cook for others, b) in decent places to eat good things. Although I note that she had sensed (dziwne!) and so on that issue with Ms. Gessler differ:)

At the end I wanted to recommend a special place on the map of Bialystok. Kopi Luwak , thanks to a thriving job holders, residents of our city is well known. Since charm in the best style and catching up for all the years when he was gone, and the competition, which he still does not. Perhaps the comparison Kopik to anyone else it would not quite good, but not officially say that someone liked Regeneration in Warsaw, Poznan Kisielice during parties or any bar in puerto English - also here to find you. The restaurant brings together a variety of the company, so leaned patch space filled with those who go where the falls to visit, and herms this very afraid. How to eat in the end there is certainly let you know. For now, I only know that they have good wine in gleaming glasses ...

Yours and tasty life as always I wish!


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