Tuesday, January 18, 2011

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For years, the year I went on foot ...

In nature, a balance must be. I was feeling down, I passed and now bursting with energy to me straight! I can not sleep and decou same year I quit. Such
poppies fell into my hands and I had to make a box for tea:

painted green part is a little biased because I painted two shades resembling of the century. And the picture came out like it came out.

And now I see that I did not do pictures in the middle, but the measure is simple, partitions and the rest is painted bright green ...

in the queue waiting to finish a box of poppies and 3D box of old stuff (also in the poppies! No say yet that the year I want to!). Starociowe mostly finished, a total of 3D too. Yet over the center główkuję ...

Returning to the last entry sospesso:
Anabell-how is it done? What is needed is sospesso that special foil, stuck on her theme, formed over a candle and now. It is in such a brief manner.

More can be read HERE

beautifully Thank you for your comments. They add wings!


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