Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Software Confidentiality Clause

Elephant - Suck It (feat. Gandzior, Peja)

How do you do it you kurewko debit card
elephant, and Ganda Rychu urinal doing your throat Do not be stubborn fucking swollen lips appear on the trail if you suck ejaculation for three days did not have anything hot in the mouth I head full of ideas, and you kurestwo in genes at the thought of dick like a motherfuckin ślinisz hyena I can see that Hygiene is a topic with which you are at odds How piździe scratch after you go down to the nail lacquer Your niedomyty clapper nudging A fishing wreck your dirty inside the tube is as abrasive paper You srakę on your teeth, you shit bounces
Apparently taking trenowałaś from the anus to the snout
Sex with you is a grave, I would prefer a more
sleek shell bucket at McDonalds Dworcowy
Dick is your joke, you ever suffer from hunger
When you Bozena from "Wampa" is a model of all virtues
If every dick you żarłaś was made of chocolate would you have
supply of sugar for the next three decades
I will not describe the beauty of your skurwiałej
This cheap parody of Doda in conjunction with żółtobrodym
You are like a hungry crocodile, moreover, with bits of down enter the kłakach
I would give to the hungry bitch wolf snout

suck suck it bitch, so I'll tell you bluntly
'm plain tip and drive like a whore
Suck it suck a little, so I'll tell you bluntly
'm plain tip and drive like a whore

You think that I know nothing, and I know everything about you You're just a bitch
rozkminiłem you soon
Raise the wet pussy, thinking that boys are łykną
day you will swallow it, provided that any of us would want
in your throat stick, slipping away suddenly on
from under the control of your plan, here is half of four clan
and unpredictable elephant, so he, ha
Membership is perwer, łykaj sperm, waiting for something to Bejm?
I know you like it sure as fuck gonna finish today
raving bitch poor, you have three nasty digs here
Which are fluent in the subject and met here
To make the pulp in the dick with your kurewską persona
mother, wife or lover, to go with kurestwem
I love it in the cham dick I got it, now you will dance in my head
you stick around, now the coarse fly
I do not know what you're happy, soon you'll be crying bitterly as
We begin to sin, and you fly on the wall
Whore Hero a dick no loss
Here's a hangman in three persons, now you do not like? Whore
what a pity, I almost feel sorry for you
But there is no turning back, so the nightmare of a cook
'll be screaming come on, after dick, no one will hear
not interrupt silence, just get the impression
piczy do not want your bitch to leave us with nothing
numberless no bruises, now get close to piczy
paniczy do not have here only the strength of fear you see, you see the power of fear

suck suck it bitch, so I say no I'm an ordinary garden
tip and drive like a whore
Suck it suck a little, so I'll tell you bluntly
'm plain tip and drive like a whore

Kurwidołków habitue
Kurwom middle finger, there is no such option at all for such a
Sram rag, which flies on this topic
I spit on you, or trotters fucking you in Klata
plugged all the holes you have already five minutes after the concert
Is Poznan, Katowice, Czestochowa, or Zawiercie
I fuck it, cut and turn on his heel
kobieciny imitation, which nobody wants, I laugh
dream prince but not in your fairy tale bitch suck
shrunken Cocks, who like second marathon
Fuck you in the ass for it, star of Whose? nobody
thousand in the form does not keep you fit even retouch snout
I mercilessly hurled normal female motherfuckers
żółtkom How Walt Kowalski in the motherfucking Gran Torino You are
girl, you are a dumb bitch you bastard
Sperm reflected back to you, fuck your ass, it's very pleasant
This is the end of the text to find out I do not have complexes
Exhibitions her deep throat, then use Cholinexu
I have sweaty ass licking her after the show Want to bitch
Nasr you in the face, your snout Utilizing
Fuck that bastard in the ass, you already szmaciury
A late consolation incantation (shine like the millions of coins you candles dydole)

suck suck it bitch, so I'll tell you bluntly
I am a plain tip and go with a whore I like it a little suck
suck, so I'll tell you bluntly
'm plain tip and drive like a whore


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