Sunday, April 17, 2011

Painting Dancing Man And Woman In Red Dress

zielonogórski fair-Easter egg

Welcome to the Green Mountains to the fair! Sunny beautifully lit, it is nice and warm, loud and fun. Bachus
accompanies us on the boardwalk:

Who is it? I think the chosen one ... located in the basement ...

And this is mine ;-)
bottles to boast on the boardwalk ...

I skleroźniki ;-) Older people bad (anger, surprise, scandal-my own observations :-))) respond to this humorous name ;-)))

Meanwhile, I'm going to my booth! Time to break down and sunbathe in the sun. Still
Today I am a bit deaf, because I have a cottage at the same stage ;-) But at least I can not hear my own thoughts ;-)

For fun farewell and welcome to the promenade zielonogórski!!



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